Contributions are now open! Efforce platform is live 🌱⚡️

Transparency is one of the funding values of our platform

Efforce is committed to be a fully transparent and publicly audited platform. The history of every asset Efforce holds and bridges on chain will be forever visible with any Polygon blockchain explorer, we recommend PolygonScan.

Through periodic transparency statements Efforce will disclose every asset in its accounts, every incoming and outgoing transaction, retirements and any other relevant information.

Our company controlled wallets
Main wallet0x9d9e8607f0EB69C37Cb14B7110cd458bfB14d0eE
Secondary wallet0xc976a56fd04bcB14992c31Af3c35075d5e9ce7f3

Token distribution: unlocking scheme
DetailsBudgetTokens locked
Team200 M160 M
Incentives200 M100 M
Ecosystem150 M0 M


Efforce platform codebase is public and transparent, you can check it on the official Github profile. Any contribution aimed to improve security and performance is welcome and will be rewarded. To know more about the stack we use or if you want to join the team of developers working on the future of Efforce please join our Discord community.

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