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Join the financial movement protecting the planet

Efforce provides a set of instruments
to help you make a positive impact on climate change.

Source of liquidity

Give liquidity to project developers. Institutional investors are welcome

With our featured projects we aim to give more liquidity to developers actively engaged in tackling climate change. Contributing through Efforce means helping directly the project, with no intermediaries. By cutting down intermediation fees your funds go where are needed the most. And if you are an institutional investor we got you covered.

Help project origination

Fund early stage projects aiming to mitigate climate change

Get involved by financing the early stages projects and support local and international communities initiatives dedicated to mitigating climate change. Our partners implement projects pursuing climate mitigation goals while ensuring a significant improvement in the quality of life of the communities involved.

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Your reward is both ethical and economically valuable

Funding the projects proposed on our platform yields high-integrity environmental commodities such as carbon credits, plastic credits, biodiversity credits, and more. These assets have a significant market with players willing to acquire them at a premium price. By giving shape to the vision of our partners, you are opening doors to large companies ready to offtake projects in more advanced phases.

Token utilities

Use $WOZX tokens to get discounts on Efforce fees

$WOZX token gives you discounts on Efforce performance fees. Are you a holder short on liquidity? We got your back. Our platform can make you stake your tokens for someone else willing to contribute and get half of the discount as rewards. That’s our Climate Action Partner program.

Trace the impact of your money

Our technology enables the complete disintermediation of a market where only a small portion of the money ends up where it can have the greatest impact: in the projects. All transactions involving generated commodities are tracked. A transparent market is a more efficient market.


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