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An ambitious team for an ambitious goal

We believe it's time to make a difference and take action to mitigate climate change. We are a team of individuals with a strong drive to improve the instruments at our disposal.
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Our founding team is made by extraordinary individuals with decades of experience in building successful businesses. Their expertise spans from hardware and software to consumer technology, to energy and carbon markets. Efforce is in safe hands.


Our idea evolved over
time. Our goal never

“Every year the population of the world is increasing. The more the population, the more the problems we create with our environment. It’s time to reverse that. Efforce is all about using less energy to do as much.”
Steve Wozniak
Steve Wozniak

Apple & Efforce Co-Founder

Our vision originated from the goal of making every energy system efficient to preserve our planet. Today, we continue to pursue the same goal, expanding our efforts to support, through our platform and community, projects focused on carbon dioxide sequestration, greenhouse gas emission reduction, biodiversity restoration, waste collection and water preservation just to name a few.

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