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$WOZX Tokens

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Become a $WOZX holder and have exclusive access to discounts, pre-sales, extended documentation, financial analysis on all the projects of the platform and reserved community channels.

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Hold 5,000 - 499,999 $WOZX

  • Reserved holder channel on Discord


Lock 250,000 - 499,999 $WOZX

  • All the previous
  • Customer care priority
  • 10% Efforce performance fee (10% discount)


Lock more than 500,000 $WOZX

  • All the previous
  • 5% Efforce performance fee (15% discount)

As a $WOZX holder, you have the option to lock your tokens for another person, referred to as your "climate action partner". This partner can then contribute to a project listed on the platform, and together, you'll share the rewards generated through the discount you are entitled to. You can select a different "climate action partner" for each project, allowing you to earn rewards without making a direct contribution.

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$WOZX Tokens

Current value

$ 0.013

Circulating supply

$ 527M

Total supply

$ 1B

Market Cap.

$ 7M

Token distribution

Efforce tokens are Ethereum blockchain native ERC20 tokens. A total of 1B $WOZX tokens were originally minted. The max total supply will never increase.

452,399,384 $WOZXin Efforce vault
Last update Jun 15, 2024
260,000,000 $WOZXcurrently locked
Last update Jun 15, 2024

Where to find our tokens

$WOZX has been independently listed on these exchanges. We always recommend to keep your tokens on your private wallet.

The token is independently listed on these exchanges and links don't represent any endorsement by Efforce

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