Shape a sustainable future for mankind

Take part into meaningful energy efficiency projects made to help virtuous companies have less impact on energy consumption and the environment.

Fund energy efficiency projects through NFTs, stake them and earn rewards in mWOZ and cWOZ

mWOZ is our reward token backed by energy savings while cWOZ is backed by carbon credit certificates.

mWOZ price $1.32 2.05%
cWOZ price $0.78 1.92%
Read the docs to know more about our reward tokens


the key to unlock contributions to energy efficiency projects

WOZX is our utility token allowing you to access contributions to energy efficiency projects. By holding WOZX tokens you can take part into the governance of Efforce platform as well. Make your proposals or vote for those made by others.

WOZX is multichain, currently on Ethereum and Polygon. You can trade it on several exchanges and DEXs:

* the token is independently listed on these exchanges and links don't represent any endorsement by Efforce

Energy efficiency is the key to a sustainable energy consumption future

Through energy efficiency countries can reduce fuel import dependence, lessen exposure to energy price volatility and contribute to climate change mitigation while making systems and societies more resilient.

Be part of the Energy Revolution

Efforce helps fund selected Energy Efficiency Projects making them available to private contributors through NFTs minted on Polygon.

By minting your NFT or multiple NFTs you help funding energy efficiency projects. Using Polygon chain secures low transaction fees while keeping secondary markets such as OpenSea available whenever you want to sell your token on secondary markets.

Read the docs

How does
Efforce work


Contributors can participate in energy efficiency projects by minting NFTs on Efforce platform


Companies benefit from energy efficiency at no cost and the resulting savings are tokenized and backed by Efforce


A smart contract redistributes the resulting savings and carbon credits to contributors staking NFTs as rewards based on exact consumptions/savings data without intermediaries